Jean-Jacques was very interested in replica watches

Alfred, heir to Louis-François Cartier, who founded Cartier, had three sons - Louis, Jacques and Pierre. As adults, they each take charge of Cartier's Paris, London, and New York offices, and build Cartier mansions and flagship boutiques in their respective regions.
Jacques Cartier, who led the Cartier London flagship boutique, took over management rights to his son, Jean-Jacques Cartier, in the mid-1960s. London),replica watches uk and was emerging as a cultural mecca for the young generation represented by creative and dynamic energy.
Jean-Jacques was very interested in watches from a young age, influenced by his uncle, Louis Cartier (the person who designed Santos, Tank, etc.). One day, a VIP customer brought a Maxi Oval watch to the Bond Street store that was damaged in a car accident - a model known as the Baignoire Allongée in France - and asked for repairs. Jean-Jacques, who received a strong impression, designed a watch that reproduced a unique asymmetrical case, and in 1967 named it Crash, which means 'crash' or 'accident', and released it. The crash watch, which was introduced in very limited quantities, unexpectedly started to go viral among customers, and captured the hearts of collectors who collect unique watches, later becoming a cult watch that symbolizes Cartier London.
Even after that, the London branch of Cartier often introduced follow-up versions that succeeded Crash's iconic design. Recently, in 2019, the newly renovated Cartier London flagship boutique on New Bond Street introduced a reissue model that faithfully reproduced the original crash in 1967 as a limited edition, bringing a crash craze to the industry out of nowhere. Crash Re-edition is the watch chosen by world-famous hip-hop stars Jay-Z and Ye (Kanye West), and has continued to draw attention in the watch community and social media,replica cartier and this topic has caused the value of Vintage Crash to skyrocket. For example, starting with the Sotheby’s Geneva auction in 2021, the following year, in 2022, the original 1967 crash watch sold at Loupe This, an only watch auction platform, for a whopping $1.65 million (USD), about 2.3 billion in Korean currency based on the exchange rate at the time. It was won at Wondae and set a new world auction record in Crash history.